domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

ERA - Upcoming Conferences


-Conference 'Recent Developments in European Intellectual Property Law' (Trier, 1-2 Dec 2008). The purpose of this seminar will be to describe recent developments in this field in both jurisprudence and legislation, and to discuss the future perspectives for European intellectual property law in the following areas:
  • Counterfeiting and piracy: actions taken at international, Community and national levels in order to fight against organised crime and acts of counterfeiting presenting a threat to public health;
  • Copyright and management of copyright: Directive 2006/115 on rental right and lending right; Directive 2006/116 on the term of protection of copyright and certain related rights and the proposal to increase it from 50 to 95 years for interpreters; discussions on the creation of a unified EU copyright licence for online music; recent case law from the ECJ on protection of rights in the information society;
  • Patents: state of play of the proposal to enhance the patent litigation system in Europe; entry into force of the London protocol; issues raised by the development of new technologies; recent case law from the ECJ and the EPO;
  • Community trademarks and designs: major decisions from Community Courts and their implication for legal practitioners;
  • Competition law and IP law: reconciliation between European Commission investigating powers under Regulation 1/2003 and the intellectual property rights of undertakings;
  • Internet and IP: open questions.
Más información: Academy of European Law (ERA).

-Conference 'Practising Family Law in Europe' (Brussels, 11-12 Dec 2008). Cross-border legal relationships and their consequences (e.g. divorce, custody decisions and their enforcement abroad, maintenance) confront family lawyers with complex legal problems. New legal acts at the European and international level affect their daily work. Legal practitioners are therefore required to deal ever more with legal questions arising from cross-border family and parental responsibility cases.
The CCBE (Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe) is organising, in partnership with ERA (Academy of European Law), an important meeting on the practice of European family law with the following format:
  • Roundtables on Thursday afternoon to provide thorough information on European texts and proposals;
  • Workshops and discussions on Friday in order to consider practi-cal cases, to debate and to ex-change know-how.
This event is organised by family law professionals for family law professionals.
Más información: Academy of European Law (ERA).

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