martes, 9 de julio de 2013

VII Transatlantic IP Summer Academy (9-13 septiembre 2013)

VII Transatlantic IP Summer Academy
(9-13 septiembre 2013)

The Magister Lvcentinvs of the University of Alicante and the Bocconi University (Milan) are organising the VII Transatlantic IP Summer Academy, to be held in Alicante on 9-13 september 2013.

This one week course will focus on IP Rights as economic opportunities, and management of IP Rights in the Transatlantic area including in Latin American Countries, with an inter-disciplinary approach, comprising IP law, IP economics, IP business and IP operational practicalities at an international level.

Thanks to lectures held by leading IP scholars and researchers from 10 countries in Europe and the Americas, participants will have a broad perspective on main IP Protection and Management issues, including in University-Business cooperation, especially at an international and comparative level.

The fees of the course, the online registration form and other relevant information can be found here.

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