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Bibliografía - Novedad editorial

Acaba de aparecer en el mundo editorial la obra "Google and the Law. Empirical Approaches to Legal Aspects of Knowledge-Economy Business Models", de la que es editor Aurelio López-Tarruella (Universidad de Alicante) y que ha sido publicada por TMC Asser - Springer.

Google’s has proved to be one of the most successful business models in today’s knowledge economy. Its services and applications have become part of our day-to-day life. However, Google has repeatedly been accused of acting outside the law in the development of services such as Adwords, Googlebooks or YouTube. One of the main purposes of this book is to assess whether those accusations are well-founded. But more important than that, this book provides a deeper reflection: are current legal systems adapted to business models such as that of Google or are they conceived for an industrial economy? Do the various lawsuits involving Google show an evolution of the existing legal framework that might favour the flourishing of other knowledge-economy businesses? Or do they simply reflect that Google has gone too far? What lessons can other knowledge-based businesses learn from all the disputes in which Google has been or is involved?

Extracto del índice la obra:
1 Introduction: Google Pushing the Boundaries of Law (Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella)
2 The Power of Google: First Mover Advantage or Abuse of a Dominant Position? (Sophie van Loon)
3 Google AdWords: Trade Mark Law and Liability of Internet Service Providers (Jeremy Phillips)
4 Google and Personal Data Protection (Bart van der Sloot, Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius)
5 Google News and Copyright (Raquel Xalabarder)
6 Copyright Issues Regarding Google Images and Google Cache (Miquel Peguera)
7 The ‘‘Viacom v YouTube’’ Litigation and Section 512(c) DMCA: When the Safe Harbour Becomes a Permanent Mooring (Annsley Merelle Ward)
8 Looking Beyond the Google Books Settlement (Gary Rinkerman)
9 Google Chrome and Android: Legal Aspects of Open Source Software (Malcolm Bain)
10 Google, APIs and the Law. Use, Reuse and Lock-In (Andrew Katz)
11 Paradoxes, Google and China: How Censorship can Harm and Intellectual Property can Harness Innovation (Danny Friedmann)
12 The International Dimension of Google Activities: Private International Law and the Need of Legal Certainty (Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella)
13 In Search of Alterity: On Google, Neutrality and Otherness (Marcelo Thompson)
Ficha técnica:
Google and the Law. Empirical Approaches to Legal Aspects of Knowledge-Economy Business Models
Lopez-Tarruella, Aurelio (Ed.)
Series: Information Technology and Law Series, Vol. 22
T.M.C. Asser Press - Springer, 2012
VIII, 403 p. - 109,95 €
ISBN 978-90-6704-845-3

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