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La Conferencia de La Haya de DIPr. y los acuerdos de maternidad subrogada de carácter internacional

La Conferencia de La Haya de Derecho Internaciona Privado publicó el pasado mes de marzo un informe sobre los problemas derivados de los acuerdos de maternidad subrogada de carácter internacional: Rapport préliminaire sur les problèmes découlant des conventions de maternité de substitution à caractère international (Doc. prél. No 10) - A preliminary report on the issues arising from international surrogacy arrangements (Prel. Doc. No 10).
En él se concluye:
"The number of international surrogacy arrangements appears to be growing at a rapid pace and while some States are attempting to resolve these problems, this global phenomenon may ultimately demand a global solution. There is no doubt that the current situation is far from satisfactory for the States and parties involved and, most importantly, for the children born as a result of these arrangements. There is a real concern that the current situation often fails to adequately ensure respect for children‟s fundamental rights and interests.
In the next year, if Council supports the continuation of work in this field, the Permanent Bureau would continue its work pursuant to the 2011 mandate, and more specifically: (1) circulate a Questionnaire directed to Members in order to obtain further, more detailed information regarding the incidence and nature of the problems being encountered in relation to international surrogacy arrangements, as well as in relation to legal parentage or “filiation” more broadly and also seek Members‟ views on the “needs” to be addressed and their thoughts on the approach to be taken; (2) undertake (further) consultations with health, legal professionals and others (including surrogacy agencies) engaged in the field; and (3) carry out further comparative law research concerning the private international law rules relating to legal parentage in order to assess further the desirability and feasibility of the approaches discussed in Section IV(b) above.
Subject to the view of the Council, the Permanent Bureau would expect to produce a Final Report on this matter for Council in April 2013 with recommendations as to the appropriate next steps."
El pasado año, publicó un documento sobre el tema, centrado en las cuestiones de DIPr.: Questions de droit international privé concernant le statut des enfants, notamment celles résultant des accords de maternité de substitution à caractère international (Doc. prél. No 11) - Private international law issues surrounding the status of children, including issues arising from international surrogacy arrangements (Prel. Doc. No 11).
En él se proponía que una futura regulación del tema podría centrarse en los siguientes aspectos:
"-uniform rules on the jurisdiction of courts or other authorities to make decisions on legal parentage which have general effect (i.e., erga omnes);
-uniform rules on the applicable law;
-corresponding rules providing for the recognition and enforcement of such decisions;
-uniform rules on the law applicable to the establishment of legal parentage by operation of law or by agreement;
-applicable law or recognition principles concerning the establishment of parentage by voluntary acknowledgement."
Sobre estos documentos véase el blog de Marina Castellaneta, a quien agradezco la información.

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