lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Roma II y la indemnización a las víctimas de accidentes de circulación en la UE

La Comisión acaba de hacer público el Informe final de un estudio sobre la indemnización a las víctimas en accidentes de circulación transfronterizos en la Unión Europea. El informe realiza un estudio comparado entre las prácticas nacionales, analiza los problemas y evalúa las diferentes opciones para mejorar la posición de la víctimas transnacionales.

Las conclusiones a las que llega el Informe son:
"Given that the number of people concerned is relatively limited, the most appropriate solutions would be those that do not lead to overhauling the whole legal framework of Member States. Targeted solutions would better meet the needs in this case although any chosen solution would have to take into account the increasing number of cross-border traffic within the EU.

Among the solutions that could address the issues in a proportional manner to the numbers concerned are:

• S1 - Do nothing (at the EU level) and evaluate in a couple of years the impact of
Rome II;
• S3 – Provide better information for people in cross-border situations or for European
citizens who wish to travel to other Member States;
• S8 – Create a European Court or a European Mediator for compensation issues only
could also be envisaged but more likely in a mediation form;
• S21 - Create an ad hoc European compensation fund or commission for victims of
cross-border road traffic accidents or creation of fund for Victims who feel that
they have been under compensated;
• S32 – Obligate insurance companies to provide information to their clients to try
and foster better coverage;
• S37 - Create a European body to give recommendations on the average sums of
compensation for personal injury/damage to property (such as the Road Traffic
Accident Damage Board “Liikennevahinkolautakunta” in Finland) but only in a
system where a question would be asked by the national court (similar to a
prejudicial question), to help it determine quantum in cross-border cases.

Other solutions could be relevant but only to address a number of cross-border issues as does Rome II."
Véase el texto del Informe [PDF 2'5 MB]

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