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Bibliografía (Revista de revistas) - The Italian Law Journal No. 2 (2016)

Vol. 02 – No. 01 (2016)

Italian Legal Culture: History and Project
-MARIO DE CARO, Utilitarianism and Retributivism in Cesare Beccaria, p. 1
-DIANA WALLIS, On the Importance of Sharing National Law so as to Shape Future Trans-National Legal Solutions, p. 13
-REMO CAPONI, The Performance of the Italian Civil Justice System: An Empirical Assessment, p. 15
-KERSTIN BREE CARLSON, Post Rule of Law: The Structural Problem of Hybridity in International Criminal Procedure, p. 33
-FRANCESCA CAROCCIA, Rethinking the Juridical System. Systematic Approach, Systemic Approach and Interpretation of Law, p. 65
-FRANCESCO DELFINI, Instances of Civil Law in North American Common Law Tradition: Cause and Consideration in Quebec and Louisiana Civil Codes, p. 87
-ANTONIO ESTELLA DE NORIEGA, Rationality and Counterfactual Legal Analysis, p. 105
-ANDREA NERVI, Directive 2014/104/EU on Antitrust Damages Actions. Some Considerations from the Perspective of Italian Law, p. 131
Italian-European Lexicon
-LUIGI COMINELLI, Training Young Lawyers in the European Mediation Framework: It’s Time to Devise a New Pedagogy for Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution, p. 163
Hard Cases
-ALESSIO DI AMATO, Uber and the Sharing Economy, p. 177
-ANNA MAROTTA, Italy and Kafalah: Reinventing Traditional Perspectives to Accommodate Diversity?, p. 191
-EMANUELLA PRASCINA, The Prohibition of Gametes’ Donation: When the Constitutional Court ‘Decides to Decide’, p. 213

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