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Bibliografía - Novedad editorial

El próximo mes de mayo se pondrá a la venta la obra "The Cambridge Companion to European Union Private Law", coordinada por Christian Twigg-Flesner (University of Hull) y publicada por Cambridge University Press en la colección "Cambridge Companions to Law".

The emergence of EU Private Law as an independent legal discipline is one of the most significant developments in European legal scholarship in recent times. In this Companion, leading scholars provide a critical introduction to the subject's key areas, while offering original and thought-provoking comment on the field. In addition to several chapters on consumer law topics, the collection has individual chapters on commercial contracts, competition law, non-discrimination law, financial services and travel law. It also discusses the wider issues concerning EU Private Law, such as its historical evolution, the role of comparative law, language and terminology, as well as the implications of the Common Frame of Reference project. A useful 'scene-setting' introduction and further reading arranged thematically make this important publication the student's and scholar's first port of call when exploring the field.
Extracto del Índice:
1. Introduction: key features of European Union Private Law (EUPL) (Christian Twigg-Flesner)
2. The historical evolution of European Private Law (D. Heirbaut, M. E. Storme)
3. European Private Law and the comparative method (Jan M. Smits)
4. The role of the conflict of laws in European Private Law (Horatia Muir-Watt)
5. Competence and European Private Law (Stephen Weatherill)
6. Language and terminology (Gerhard Dannemann, Silvia Ferreri, Michele Graziadei)
7. European Private Law by directives: approach and challenges (Angus Johnston, Hannes Unberath)
8. The European Court of Justice as motor of Private Law (Jules Stuyck)
9. European Contract Law: the common frame of reference and beyond (Hugh Beale)
10. The way forward in European consumer contract law: optional instrument instead of further deconstruction of national private laws (Hans Schulte-Nölke)
11. Commercial contracts and European Private Law (Giuditta Cordero Moss)
12. European Tort Law – features of a diverse landscape (Cees van Dam)
13. European Union Property Law (Sjef van Erp, Bram Akkermans)
14. Information obligations and withdrawal rights (Peter Rott)
15. Travel law (Jens Karsten)
16. Unfair contract terms (Paolisa Nebbia)
17. Unfair commercial practices and European Private Law (Hans-W. Micklitz)
18. Consumer sales and associated guarantees (Ulrich Magnus)
19. Product liability (Geraint Howells, Marcus Pilgerstorfer)
20. The impact of the directive on self-employed commercial agents in EU law (Severine Saintier)
21. EC Competition Law and European Private Law (Giorgio Monti)
22. Non-discrimination and European Private Law (Fryderyk Zoll)
23. Financial services in European Union private law (Jerzy Pisuliński)
Ficha Técnica:
Christian Twigg-Flesner (Ed.)
"The Cambridge Companion to European Union Private Law"
Cambridge University Press - Serie Cambridge Companions to Law
Available from May 2010
350 p. - £27.99 (Paperback), £65.00 (Hardback)
ISBN-13: 9780521736152 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780521516174 (Hardback)

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