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Bibliografía - Yearbook of Private International Law Vol. XIX - 2017/2018

Yearbook of Private International Law Vol. XIX - 2017/2018
Edited by Andrea Bonomi, Gian Paolo Romano, Ilaria Pretelli (Associate)
2018, Vol. 19, 632 p., 219,00 €
ISBN: 978-3-504-08013-6


- Gérald GOLDSTEIN, Forum Non Conveniens and Exception Clauses – Coordinating Conflicting Legal Systems in Civil Law Jurisdictions in a Global Context
- Georgina GARRIGA SUAU, The Law Applicable to the Right of Recourse in the Field of Liability Insurance Law
- Matthias LEHMANN / Johannes UNGERER, Applying or Taking Account of Foreign Overriding Mandatory Provisions – Sophism under the Rome I Regulation
- Qisheng HE / Yahan WANG, Resolving the Dilemma of Judgment Reciprocity – From a Sino-Japanese Model to a Sino-Singaporean Model
- Johannes LANDBRECHT, Uniform Jurisdiction Rules under the Hague Choice of Court Convention

Matrimonial Property Regimes in European Private International Law
- Anatol DUTTA, Beyond Husband and Wife – New Couple Regimes and the European Matrimonial Property Regulations
- Pietro FRANZINA, Jurisdiction in Matters Relating to Property Regimes under EU Private International Law
- Dagmar COESTER-WALTJEN, Connecting Factors to Determine the Law Applicable to Matrimonial Property Regimes
- Patrick WAUTELET, What’s Wrong with Article 22? The Unsolved Mysteries of Choice of Law for Matrimonial Property
- Sandrine CLAVEL / Fabienne JAULT-SESEKE, Public Interest Considerations – Changes in Continuity

Cultural Property and Private International Law
- Marc-André RENOLD, Legal Obstacles to Claims for the Restitution of Looted Art
- Alessandro CHECHI, When Private International Law Meets Cultural Heritage Law – Problems and Prospects

National Reports
- Maria Caterina BARUFFI, International Surrogacy Arrangements Test the Public Policy Exception – An Italian Perspective
- Maria HOOK, New Zealand’s Choice of Law Rules Relating to Tort
- Tamas DEZSO ZIEGLER / Vanda VADASZ / Sarolta SZABÓ, The New Hungarian Private International Law Code – A Mixture of Modern and Traditional Solutions
- Zeynep Derya TARMAN / Meltem Ece OBA, Choice of Court Agreements under Turkish Law
- Tamir BOLDBAATAR, The Development of Private International Law in Mongolia
- Oleg ZAYTSEV / Vladimir ZAYTSEV, The Russian Implementation of the Hague Children Conventions

News from the Hague
- María Blanca NOODT TAQUELA / Verónica RUIZ ABOU-NIGM, The Draft Judgments Convention and its Relationship with Other International Instruments
- Cristina M. MARIOTTINI, The Exclusion of Defamation and Privacy from the Scope of The Hague Draft Convention on Judgments

Court Decisions
- Guillaume KESSLER, Recognition of International Surrogacy in France – The Bypass Strategy
- Michael KOMUCZKY, Punitive Damages and Public Policy in the EU

- Seema PANNAIKADAVIL-THOMAS / Vito BUMBACA, The Role of International Social Services in Private International Law
- Ioannis K. SOMARAKIS, Rethinking EU Jurisdiction in Cross-Border Family and Succession Cases Connected with Non-Member States
- Giulia VALLAR, International Insolvency in the Banking Sector – Coordination Issues and Private International Law Methods


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